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D versus D

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D versus D: A Panfandom Reality RP Show
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D versus D A panfandom RP
All worlds we can imagine exist within the twin multiverses of Dogoda and Dozaro. These two multiverses are jointly managed by an extraplanar being named G.O.D... who is now suffering from dire budget cuts. That's why you've been brought to D - to represent your native multiverse in a series of contests and competitions for the remaining funding. Succeed, and you can go home safely... fail, and your home will be little more than a cheap knockoff! D versus D is a lighthearted panfandom roleplay with a theme of zany competition. Enjoy life in the city of D. Compete in a wide variety of events, ranging from combat to cooking to dance-offs. Can you earn more points than your rival multiverse? Is D really as straightforward of a place as it seems to be? And why can't you shake the feeling that you're being watched?

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